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Location/Property FAQs

1. How am I compensated?
You are paid a fee for renting your
location/property for a filming or still photography. The fees vary from shoot to shoot but usually ranging between $1,500 and $5,000 per day.  Let us know the minimum fee that you would require to shoot at your location/property.

2. Do productions carry insurance in case of damage or injury?                                                                                                           Most production companies carry insurance of one million dollars or more. You should require insurance before anyone has a shoot at your location/property.

3. How long will they stay at my location/property?
A production company may book your location/property from half a day to several 10-12 hour days depending on the job.

4. Can I stay at my location/property while the production company is present?
Yes.  If the production company knows they’re scheduled for a long day or if it’s a very disruptive shoot, they may offer to put you up in a hotel.

5. Do they change or paint my location/property?
Most of the time the changes that are made are moving or adding furniture. Before any permanent changes are made, they must ask your permission and they must have it restored after the shoot is over.

Helpful hints for photographing your location/property:
* When you photograph your property, please shoot both interiors and exteriors. 
* More photos are better than a few photos.
When photographing, keep the camera in the normal horizontal position, don’t shoot vertically.
* Take enough photos of the rooms/property so that you completely cover all angles of the room/property.  * * Everything is important. 
* In film and print,
directors/photographers like to see depth.  If you can see  from one room to another room please photograph it as well. 

* We need a complete property tour through pictures.

*Please remember that whenever e-mailing us please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. 

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